quarta-feira, 29 de setembro de 2010


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Jack Kung disse...

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Merula disse...

Ce sont des gateaux ??? c'est incroyable !

fezzi. disse...

Nice blog!

You should take a look at this one.


Lazarus Lupin disse...

Love your zelda. I watch the cake shows on the cooking channel and am always impressed with what people can do with a bit o' sugar!

Lazarsus Lupin
art and review

Faysal disse...

you are an artist! very nice.

Nilda Guimarães disse...

Thank you for the comments. I really apreciated it.

lucas yannick disse...

muito show o seu trabalho,amei o
bolo com o tema zelda lembrei de quando era crinaça e jogava o game
vou post esse bolo no meu blog,parabens pelo trabalho

Switch_blade disse...

Flip thats an awsome cake my friend would Love it!

♥cinderela♥ disse...

q deliciaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa bjs

Anônimo disse...

look delicious... amazing cake! so creatif...

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